Here at Parkhill Motors we have numerous finance partners offering a wide range of used car and van flexible finance packages, to suit all budgets and circumstances, making it more affordable to purchase your new vehicle.

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The traditional, but still ever popular, funding option which gives the customer eventual ownership of the vehicle.

A fixed cost, fixed period loan that allows you to spread the cost of the vehicle over a period of up to five years. The user is effectively the owner of the asset, but legal title to the car does not pass until the loan is fully repaid including the final payment which includes a nominal “option to purchase” fee. Monthly payments cover the capital cost plus interest and do not carry VAT. For business users the vehicles will be ON Balance Sheet.

For Private individuals and companies that want eventual ownership of the vehicle.


A funding agreement where the purchaser acquires ownership when all the payments, including the option to purchase fee have been made. Part of the capital cost of the vehicle payment may be deferred into a “balloon” payment at the end of the agreement which equates to the anticipated value of the vehicle at the end of the leasing period. Leasing: A lease is a contract between a Lessor (the lender) and the Lessee (the customer) for the hire of a vehicle. The lessor retains ownership of the vehicle while the lessee has possession and use for payment of specific rentals and agreed period. Finance subject to status. Quotations available on request.


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